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We Buy Toys and Games

Have games and toys taking up space in the closset, garage, or attic?
Why not sell them and free up space, and put $ in your pocket.

We are always interested in toys of all types, board games, and collectibles. Contact us with what you have for a cash offer.

Contact: OldShed@mchsicom
Phone: 419 563-5905

Some toys we are interested in are: Beatles Toys, Lionel Trains, Universal Monsters, Air Blaster Gun, Aurora Models, Aurora Thunder jet Slot Cars, Barbie, Beverly Hillbillies, Billy Blastoff, Blaze, Casper, Colorforms, Coloring books, Cootie, Crashmobile, Crazy Clock, Crazy Foam, Crusader 101 Car, Curity dolls, Easy Bake Oven, Easy Show, Flatsy Dolls, Flintstones Building Boulders, Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap, Gaylord the Dog, Give A Show, Great Garloo, Green Hornet Items, Train sets, Gumby, Hot Wheels, Hugo Man of A Thousand Faces, Inchworm or Inch Worm by Hasbro, Johnny Astro, Kenner Girder & Panel Building Set, Ker-Knockers, King Zor, Krazy Kar, Little Kiddles, Marx Play Sets, Mary Mag Powrs or Child Guidance Magnetic Doll House, Motorific Car & Boat by Ideal, Mouse Trap, Munster's toys, Nutty Mads, Odd Ogg, Orby, Pan Am Dual Control Cockpit, Pez, Push Puppets, Rat Finks, Rin Tin Tin, Rockem Sockem Robots, Roy Rogers, Screen A Show, Seagrave trucks, Show N Tell, Silly Putty, Silly Sand, Slide Puzzles, Slinky, Space 1999, SSP Cars by Kenner, Star Trek, Strange Change Machine, Superballs, Supperman, Tammy Doll by Ideal, Thimble City, Thingmakers, Thinkatron, Tickle Bee, Tigeroo, Tony The Pony, TV Guides, Vertibird, Vintage 1960 Mr. Machine, Vintage Batman, Whee-lo, Yo Yos, Zippy, Spy toys, 007 James Bond Attaché Case, Agent Zero M Toys, Johnny Eagle Guns, Man from U.N.C.L, Pull String Talkers, Clancy The Great - Roller Skating Chimp, Suzy Homemaker, Mrs. Beasley, Flying Fox, Jet Fighter by Ideal, Jimmy Jet, Johnny Reb Cannon, Shootin' Shell Guns by Mattel, cast iron toys, and diecast toys.




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